Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Culture and Diversity

Everyone is different and everyone has their own unique culture.
When a man and woman come together in matrimony, they often forget that they are not just marrying the person across the alter, but all that that person is. Their family, their history, their crazy ideas, everything.
One's culture comes from many aspects, the first being the country. The country in which someone lives affects them how they think and how they interact and how that person might see someone else. The second part that makes up a person's culture is where in that country they live in, what their community is like. Someone from a poor community will most likely see the world a differently way than someone from a rich community. And with in those communities are many families who each have their own sub culture.
It is very important to know who your partner is and what his/her culture is like. All to often a situation will arise where one person will react according to their culture but the response may be considered questionable by another. An example of this can be found in disciplinary actions. To one family, a parent may spank a child who is being unruly, while another family the parents will set the child in the corner and then talk to them about what they did and explain why they are being punished.
It is important to know where you and others lie and work together knowing you can never change a person or their culture, only do your best to understand and work together to find a middle-ground to stand stand and inevitably, creating a new culture to raise children in.     

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