Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Challenges in Marriage

No two people will ever get along 100% of the time. There will always be moments of disagreement and frustration. The key is in how to face these moments. Marriage is about compromise and giving on oneself. If someone is entering marriage thinking they are going to change the other person, they are right. They will change their spouse into a someone who can't stand to be around them anymore. We do not marry to change others, we marry because we love who they are, faults and all.
We give to take. When challenges arise and need to be met, each member of the family will have a different idea of how to face it. All ideas are good, but when put together are better. But this, I mean that a bit is taken from each plan and used in it's best combination to solve the issue at hand. Each person will change with time, but it is best to change for a person if it betters you both, not just to appease your spouse. 
It has been proven:
  • a couple about to divorce when asked will answer they are not being satisfied and that their are 10 levels of dissatisfaction.  
  • a couple living happily and strong when asked will answer they are very satisfied and have 10 levels of differences.
Differences are good things, they are the miracles of life. We marry to share in differences and to bring the best of each other out, not to change them into another version of ourselves or the person we wish them to be. If we encourage and promote, we will find ourselves happier than ever, differences and all. 

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